MY DOULA PAGE; Bobbi Sue Jojola C.D.

Welcome to My Surprise Doula Chick web page!

So you must be expecting your baby soon and are really looking for some guidance and support for your birth.Well I am glad you are here. So what does Doula mean? Doula to me, means I am a birthing woman’s assistant, I am there to assist the woman and her family for their  birthing experience, I am there as many other woman for centuries guiding the birthing woman and her journey.I wholeheartedly feel women have the ability to birth their babies, and I feel grateful to be present with them supporting them along the way.

As a  Doual I  have been professionally trained in childbirth by DONA  to provide constant emotional, physical and informational support to the expectant woman and her family.  My role is to help women have a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience.Whether that birth is: a natural ,a medicated, a cesarean birth or a VBAC birth. I support Moms, in a hospital, a birthing center or in the comforts of home. My philosophy is: This is her birth and whatever her decisions, I will help to get informative facts so she will understand her choices, I will emotionally guide the Mother, partner and family and I will stand beside them guiding them all gently through the labor and birth of their BABY.

My name is Bobbi Sue Jojola, and I AM A DOULA! I live in Surprise AZ

My Qualification:     100+ BIRTH EXPERIENCES SINCE 1988

DONA Certified originally in 1996: DONA trained: (THE ROLE OF THE DOULA)

Re-certified training in: 2000;2003;2006;2009;2012;2015

Supporting the Woman in Labor Course;

Hocus Pocus Perinatal FocusConference;

Preventing and Healing Birth Trauma,with Pam England.

Trained in Emergency Obstetrics

TENS trained and user myself.

Completed Continued Education Breastfeeding Program.

 Have Professional & Personal Breastfeeding experience.

Twin Birth experience.


 Also have personal knowledge of IVF and its struggles and challenges.

My services are available for families all over the Phoenix valley and surrounding areas.

My Commitment to every family is to give of myself to my greatest ability, all of my birthing experience and knowledge, that I have been blessed with.

If you are interested in scheduling an interview: Please see My Commitment Page for My Doula Contract, Serves and Fees.

contact  me at:     Cell # 623-341-5258